Time to turn up the heat, in the disappearance of Susan Powell

Thermometer, captioned.

(from Nov 6, 2010)


In the disappearance of Susan Powell, the latest word out now, is that Josh Powell is claiming “Susan left us behind.”  Not only that, but Josh’s father, Steve Powell, has gone on record as saying he thinks Susan ran off with a boyfriend.

It’s an especially disgusting set of claims, when piled on top of the ridiculously absurd tale Josh has already chosen to stick with.

But it comes as no huge surprise that, just like OJ, Scott Peterson, Mark Hacking, and Casey Anthony, Josh Powell is going to go down BS’ing all the way.

But what seems to be increasingly typical of these pathological prevaricators, are parents who, if not actively engaged in dissembling maneuvers themselves, are none the less eventually revealed to be either the witting or unwitting enablers – if not downright good examples – for their lying offspring.

Personally, I can’t help but wonder why charges haven’t been brought against Josh Powell before now. Because with or without a body, you have to know that they already have a huge pile of evidence against him.

And after all, you know what they say about justice delayed.


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