An ode to Sarah Palin

As the elections approach, let us carefully consider.

( First published in 2 Bites of the Apple, 2009 )

Sarah Palin, captioned

Ode to Sarah Palin

Man once believed that the earth was quite flat
And it didn’t take god or the angels to know that
And that man, a creature of dust, never even existed
’til by god’s own breath, his chest was first lifted.

Man once fought for, and it was roundly held,
that the earth was at the center of all he beheld
That the moon and the sun, and the stars all go by
in a tribute of homage to us in the sky.

But as Columbus had himself seen the earths curved bow
As it’s shadow was cast across the moons faded brow,
Let’s thank god that he witnessed that one small eclipse
Or he could never have trusted those three little ships.

Like layers of onion peeled from our eyes
Science has disproved any truth once glued to those lies.
Yet still we hang on, and somehow persist
In thinking the world is our oyster – our own little gift.

See how many of you balk, and wish to rebel,
Fists curled, while our world is going to hell.
You stop up your ears to global warming’s entreaties,
While blithely you shit in your own bowl of Wheaties.

Home schooled is twice fooled, but the biggest disgrace:
Having replaced the wonder of knowledge, with rote tripe in it’s place.
Ah, . . if the End Times really are here upon us,
Let us reflect on your help in fulfilling His promise.

The help and support of so many God Fearing Spawners
Must surely number among Satan’s most highest held honors.
And using your own wind-up belief in a god
to numb your own ability to think – that’s his job.

But still you’ll go around – a bunch of self-righteous fools
Never guessing you’ve been played as the world’s biggest tools.
So that after all has been said, I have to be honest:
It really is your belief that has wrought this upon us.

– D R Hosie

'09 MAth footer, Bk


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4 thoughts on “An ode to Sarah Palin

  1. You should send that to HillBilly Graham-Cracker for his birthday. (I’m angry that the useless SOB is still alive, and my last remaining, and dearest, aunt died last week. Getting old sux.)


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