Nothing is so galling to a people not broken in from birth,
as a paternal, or in other words a meddling, government
— a government which tells them what to read, and say,
what to eat, and drink and wear.

—  Thomas Babington

Do to some apparent confusion, regarding the primary purpose and objectives of this website, I’ve worked to come up with a more concise definition of our mission statement. And here it is:


  • The main purpose of this site is not to debate or argue points of view with proponents of any of the various belief-systems out there.
  •  Rather, it is to offer an informative take on, and forum for, those news items, issues, topics of interest, and life-style considerations that we, as normal citizens — albeit non-believers — have occasion to address.
  • And, through raising awareness, help promote the role of social involvement among our often ad-hoc, and loose-knit, community of social organizations and activists, who share those of our ideas.


(Also see An Atheist’s Essay on Civil Expedience, for an expanded explaination of the underlying ethos, that ModernAtheist.org is looking to promote here.)

 To the writers out there
  I would like to hear from anyone wishing to post an article as a guest writer (and in keeping with our Mission Statement above, nothing is too off-topic).

Or, if you have any previous articles that you feel are of particular interest, and would like to see them re-posted here — with full attribution, short bio, and linked-back to your own site — contact me.


I would be glad to entertain any ideas or suggestions that anyone might wish to offer.


As always, any of you are welcome to grab a badge, for use on your own website, as a much appreciated show of support for this site. 



'10 MAth footer, Bk 

Comments are welcomed.

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