“When Social Fear Is Missing . . .

. . . So Are Racial Stereotypes, shows study of children with Williams Syndrome.”
I would think this could be extrapolated to include Religious, as well as Non-Religious, stereotypes.

Of course, I’m no scientist or psychologist. But is it possible that all we really need is a pharmacological “Chill-Pill” (for those who don’t drink enough beer), in order to relieve all the brain-cramps out there in the world?

A man has generally the good or ill qualities
which he attributes to mankind.

— William Shenstone


From the article:

clipped from www.sciencedaily.com

ScienceDaily (Apr. 12, 2010) — Children with the genetic condition known as Williams syndrome have unusually friendly natures because they lack the sense of fear that the rest of us feel in many social situations. Now, a study reported in the April 13th issue of Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, suggests that children with Williams Syndrome are missing something else the rest of us have from a very tender age: the proclivity to stereotype others based on their race.

The findings support the notion that social fear is at the root of racial stereotypes. The researchers say the results might also aid in the development of interventions designed to reduce discriminatory attitudes and behavior towards vulnerable or marginalized groups of society.
“This is the first study to report the absence of racial stereotypes in any human population,” said Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg of the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim/University of Heidelberg
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