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How to submit an article

You can either Attach a Rich Text File (.rtf), Word, Text, or a PDF file, to an email.  Or, simply copy and paste content directly into the body of your email – and send to  (We’ll make every effort to faithfully reproduce your original formatting.)

  •     We also prefer that you attach a .jpg or .png photo (any size), of the author.
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  •     We may also use any other photo(s) you feel are important to the article – as long as they belong to you.   (Otherwise, we may attempt to find similar photos, that are in the public domain.)
  •     Citation is dearly appreciated, for any claims of absolute fact.  (Otherwise, be sure to ‘couch’ as opinion.)
  •     We will be looking to correct spelling, but otherwise – it’s your baby!
  •     Please include any additional contact information we might need, to reach you.

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* MAth is an abbreviation for Modern Atheist

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