The LDS Church presents LGBT’s with whole pack of Trojans

Trojan 2


Having seen the writing on the wall – and especially having come to accept the inevitable fact of the LGBT community attaining full citizenship under the law – The LDS Church officially launched “Plan B” today. And this, by paring up their call for laws protecting the LGBT community from overt discrimination, in housing, hiring, and firing, with the seemingly innocuous call for legislation governing “religious freedom”.

As is often the case, with contract law, “What the Big Print giveth, the Small Print Taketh Away.” And despite Utah’s openly gay Senator, Jim Dabakis’ overjoyed reaction, along with others, on hearing this news – and after having read the transcript of this “Religious Freedom and Nondiscrimination” news transcript myself – I feel compelled to voice this less than hopeful rejoinder.

Once again, ‘The Church’ is attempting to reposition itself.  This time by proclaiming its apparently magnanimous new views towards legislative protections from discrimination, for the LGBT community – while marrying it up with the egregious notion that THEY are actually the ones, now somehow in need of some “religious freedoms protection.” And what better time to launch this new boatload of ingenuously worded crap, than at the start of Utah’s new legislative session.

The LDS Church continues to put the cart before the horse – by once again alluding to their dark past, while claiming a renewed potential, for future victim-hood.  So it is, that we must needs be prepared, possums, to be doubly watchful during this new legislative session.

Watchful, at spotting those otherwise ridiculous arguments, that would allow businesses, and business people – operating in the public sector – to discriminate.  By denying services to members of the LGBT community, under the guise of ‘religious freedom.’ Especially, if they’re being attached to – and made a condition of – those ACTUAL protections long denied our LGBT family, friends, and fellow citizens. Be on the lookout for – and don’t let them shoehorn any of this garbage into – those valid civil rights proposals, promised for the protection of the LGBT community.


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One thought on “The LDS Church presents LGBT’s with whole pack of Trojans

  1. I can’t help but call things as I see them. I am a lifelong resident of Utah but not a part of the LDS “moral majority” population. My Momma had the brilliant foresight to, “not bring her daughters up in hate and bigotry”. (Thank you). Anyway, looking at the entire LGBT community and the Mormon Church interactions, all I need to do is remember the sneaky, underhanded, support of Prop. 8, where the Mormons piped in thousands and thousands of dollars into stopping equal, human rights, to all, in California. They had no right. Then to not be upfront and honest. They brainwashed enough people to get Prop 8 enacted. So now they are PRO-LGBT rights and anti-discrimination? Yeah, right.
    Well again, my first thought was correct. If they are SO anti-discrimination and so PRO-LGBT, how could they have EVER put out their new doctrine of not allowing children in same-sex parented families to be blessed, baptized, go on missions… Unless they denounce their families. The families that they love and that love them. The Mormon church is noting but a hateful, underhanded, sneaky, discriminatory, and deceitful organization. The church that PROMISES that families are everything and in Mormon Heaven, families will be together for ETERNITY. I am so sad for the LGBT community in Utah.

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