Our Mission Statement

“Nothing is so galling to a people not broken in from birth, as
a paternal, or in other words a meddling, government — a
government which tells them what to read, and say, what
to eat, and drink and wear.”  —  Thomas Babington


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  • The main purpose of this site is not to debate or argue points of view with proponents of any of the various belief-systems out there.
  • Rather, it is to offer an informative take on, and forum for, those news items, issues, topics of interest, and life-style choices that we, as normal citizens — albeit non-believers — have occasion to address.
  • And, by raising awareness, to help promote the role of social involvement among our often ad-hoc, and loose-knit, community of social organizations and activists, who happen to share those of our ideas.


Managing editor, D R (Donnie) Hosie

 As a retired tech writer and technical support provider, I am also a Rational Skeptic, who’s opinions are largely informed by scientifically determined truths. I reject those patently unsupportable truth claims – advanced by religious, metaphysical, and pseudo-scientific sources – that continue to fly in the face of proven reality.

 As a pragmatic atheist, I embrace a life-affirming existential philosophy. Though I also admit to being an unflinching iconoclast, when it comes to supporting social equality and finding workable, pragmatic solutions to problems.

 If you wonder that such a concise disclaimer should be offered by someone who could more easily be described as just another liberal azzhole – think of it as free tech support.

I encourage you to follow this link, to An Atheist’s Essay on Civil Expedience, for an expanded explanation of the underlying philosophy, behind the creation of this site.

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