A brief editorial on proposed same sex legislation in Hawaii

Rainbow Flag (Photo, Devork Djansezian - Getty Images)

 The Salt Lake Tribune, MSNBC, JournalTimes, Deseret News


Hawaii positioned to pass same-sex civil unions

Alright! Here it comes.  Hawaii – poised to pass same sex civil union legislation,
following the mid term elections.

For the LDS faithful in both Utah and Hawaii, I would only counsel you not to look upon it as the waste of a bunch of perfectly good temple recommends, by those brothers and sisters who either couldn’t change, or who simply weren’t moved by President Packer’s stodgy imperative, as reason enough for needing to change.

Instead, I would hope that you might content yourselves with the abiding knowledge – given through the spirit of the Holy Ghost, of course – that God really does hate all the same people you do.

And fellowship once again, in a renewed call for that gathering of the faithful, in order to once again grease the palms of those loyal legal loons. Who, along with you, can promise to rededicate themselves to searching out and employing whatever new and nasty means of denial, denigration, and defamation they can possibly come up with – and all the while testifying that in much gainsaying of science, human nature, and human sexuality, lies the work of your own dear Lord.

Or, you could just finally consign them to that cesspool of iniquity – the one that lies at the center of your own imagined incarnation of good versus evil. You can certainly rest assured that in that case, wherever you’re heading, hell won’t have you.


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