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Intellectual honesty – and freedom of conscience

  In a return to the basics – Basic Intimidation and Coercion – the LDS Church has dropped the hammer on a couple of known troublemakers recently.  Dissidents – bent on the task of enlightening their fellow believers – and possible bring about what they had hoped could be, positive changes. Of course, once ecclesiastical…

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Leaves sometimes get left unraked

Just a reminder, that life comes with that Full Guarantee.  If you break in half – you usually get to keep both halves.  Then most of us suck it up, and carry on – counting our blessings. I raise a toast, this Halloween – to everyone less fortunate than I. – Donnie      

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Reflecting on our need to be right

  Now that Kate Kelly and the Ordain Women’s movement have, for the most part, concluded their high-profile run at the LDS religious oligarchy – having managed to momentarily make direct and predictably mortal contact with the corporation’s particularly low-hanging, power-ceiling fan – we’ve all had a chance to reflect on what any of it…

HU's moral sense test

Cognitive Evolution Laboratory study could shed light on Mormon morality

(from Sept 30, 2010) . Following the Harriman Machine Gun Fire, the largely Mormon population of those affected by the fire were counseled by their church leaders against filing excessively inflated, or otherwise bogus claims, against the National Guard.  Apparently sparked by reports of claimant opportunists, unconflicted by any apparent moral dilemma in going after…

Dan Barker – vs – Fox News, and Today’s Quote

But far more numerous was the herd of such, Who think too little, and who talk too much. — John Dryden Listen, as Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Dan Barker, corrects the historical inaccuracies, and goes on to parry the insipid arguments made by one of Fox News’ lamest lemmings, over his support for the legal injunction that halted…