Today’s Quote, plus Drawing Mohammed

The idolatrous transformation, of the relative into the absolute and the all-too-human into the divine, makes it possible for man to indulge his ugliest passion — in the firm belief that he is working for the highest good.
— Aldous Huxley,  The Devils of Loudon

Draw Mohammed Day, on Facebook, is no-doubt off and running today.

I couldn’t come up with anything myself (a pile of steamin’ poop just landed out of someone’s squatting backside has already been done).

Besides, I wanted to address the irony that — like all true irony — goes completely over the heads of those ready to fatwa over a faux pas.

That is to say, what possible case for idolatry could conceivably be made for the cartoon-like depiction of mohammed.  I mean, who is going to pay obeisance to “the holy comic strip character?”

However, if  idolatry is the real issue, how is it humanly possible for followers of mohammed not to have already committed the greatest idolatry there is, in esteeming the very idea of his personage as being, essentially, beyond depiction.

So, my imperative injunction to the followers of mohammed would be:  Leave-off with the defensive and idolatrous observances that surround the very non-depiction of him as though he were a god. Because the fact that you do is, ironically, a clear foray into idolatry.

And you can’t have it both ways on my dime.  😳 <— (Oh fer hell sakes . . . here he is!)

'10 MAth footer, Bk

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