Reflecting on our need to be right

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Now that Kate Kelly and the Ordain Women’s movement have, for the most part, concluded their high-profile run at the LDS religious oligarchy – having managed to momentarily make direct and predictably mortal contact with the corporation’s particularly low-hanging, power-ceiling fan – we’ve all had a chance to reflect on what any of it might actually mean.

That Kate was rather unceremoniously burned at the proverbial home stake, was hardly unexpected. Her parting shouts of “I haven’t done anything wrong” echoing – along with countless others – down through the halls of time.

Many were surprised by the apparently well coordinated and far-reaching ecumenical pogrom, launched by church leaders.  Aimed at any and all other members of the Ordain Women movement – and their supporters.  And targeting any number of high-profile bloggers and their commenters – who could possibly be identified as “Apostate Mormons” – as well.  All fingered by tirelessly strident groups of Mormon “Eyes and Ears,” for having posted less than glowing comments about the Church, on any number of websites and issues. Including those of local, as well as many national, news organizations. Kinda makes the NSA look like a bunch of feckless pikers by comparison, doesn’t it?

For those wondering how all this wraps up, we predictably have The Church issuing a simpering clarification of its policy, concerning the exclusively male gender thing, attached to its priesthood leadership roles. And what’s left of the Ordain Women’s movement, likewise issuing a self flagellating statement, confirming their obedient and continued support and affirmation of the all-male Church leadership.

“Nothing is so galling to a people not broken in from birth, as a paternal,
or in other words a meddling, government – a government which
tells them what to read, and say, what to eat, and drink and wear.”
– Thomas Babington


That the unyielding grip on control and power, evinced by the LDS Church in this matter, is hardly surprising, it’s easy to see why there are those who feel religious differences account for virtually all the major ills in the world today.  But that doesn’t really get to the root of the matter.

While a difference of opinion has been said to be all that’s needed to make a horse race, in the still surprisingly tooth and nail world of Religious sects and International politics, Nations and Armies, Sports bars and Drinking buddies, the all-to-human need to be right – about virtually any and everything – continues to reinforce itself as the overriding psychological imperative of our time.

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