Apostasy or Apotheosis ?

 – It worked for Joseph Smith.

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Ordain Women launches new push for Mormon priesthood

It’s an interesting theological loophole in the workings of the LDS faith – if you will – that’s being aggressively exploited by the Ordain Women Organization. As such, it is offering what it sees as the solution – a way around the conundrum of achieving their goal.  And without an out-and-out course of ‘civil disobedience being launched towards ‘the Church’ and its prevailing authorities.

It’s also a study in how religious innovators have always managed to find a way to rationalize the mind of God – in making theological headway.

That these women seem to understand theirs is as much a political battle – I don’t know if they appreciate the low ball political lengths these men are capable of going to, in order to maintain strict control of what Sonia Johnson ultimately called ‘a boys club.’

What is worth noting however, is that when one’s theological rationalizations can find a way around – or through – a doctrinal mine field like this, we have the makings of an entirely new – and if needs be – break-away movement.  Tantamount to the Protestant Reformation.

What hasn’t apparently occurred to them at this point, is that if they truly ‘believe’ the question of women’s ordination can be answered – ‘by laying the question before God’ – they are no doubt equally capable of ‘receiving’ that revelation for themselves.

Could be a whole new schism developing here. Between an old school ‘Catholic version’ of the LDS Church, and a newer ‘Protestant’ version. It is, after all, the way this Church – and every other Christian sect – got started.

Interestingly enough, I don’t think the powers that be fully understand the power of ‘divine intervention,’ quite the way these gals do. Stay tuned.

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