Sex – The Lie That’s Too Big To Be True – coming soon to a school near you?

gayleruzicka_cityweekly, captioned(from September 21, 2010)

Here, in the ‘land ‘o just stuff a little more cotton in the’r ears,‘ sex education is pretty much watched over, and limited to a young adult version of The stork and the cabbage patch – and that with signed parental permission slips.

That’s because, watched over by some Bald Eagle forum leaders, who ride shotgun on those priestly members of our State’s legislature, sex education is routinely treated as a ‘don’t ask – don’t tell’ subject, in Salt Lake City school districts, as well as other parts of the state. Especially when it comes to discussing methods of birth control, or personal protection from any kind of sexually transmitted disease.

So it’s understandable that a rather serious neck injury could result, from double-taking on a headline like this one:

Health Data Collection Improvement Act requires kids to reveal sexual preference

According to Brooke Dunbar Parenting in Politics Examiner,, – Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisconsin, just introduced H.R. 6109 – the Health Data Collection Improvement Act – earlier this week, that would apparently allow the Department of Health and Human Services to survey school children, about their sexual orientation.

Now, you can read the article here. But it may come as news to many, as to whether younger school age children even have a sexual orientation, let alone understand what it means, or know what it is.

It seems like they’re much more likely to be aware of their favorite color, than their personal calling in life. Or maybe their favorite menu item – from their favorite fast food outlet – than knowing what career path they intend to follow.  Can there be any good reason for this . . . or is this even necessary?

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