H1N1 flu vaccine denialists may be taking a high toll on unprotected children

(from September 20, 2010)

Primary Children's Medical Center Primary


The Salt Lake Tribune published an excellent article by Heather May earlier today. It’s about findings released by the Primary Children’s Medical Center, on a study done in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control, and pointing to the critical importance of immunizing children against the H1N1 flu virus.

Last year, the H1N1 toll in Utah was 500
children hospitalized and four who died.

What was even more unexpected, though, was the increased number of children left with neurological disorders, resulting from encephalopathy, (brain damage), that range anywhere from affecting their ability to track and focus their eyes, to mental confusion, inability to talk, epilepsy and even coma.

According to the Tribune report,

Pediatric neurologist Joshua Bonkowsky and his colleagues at Primary Children’s Medical Center and the University of Utah decided to study the differences in outcomes for children with the novel H1N1 flu strain versus the seasonal flu.

The main findings:

In the past,” Bondowsky said, “you treated the flu [as] not that big of a deal.”

But having seen the devastating results, his advice now is: “Don’t mess around – get the flu vaccination. Once the ball is in motion, you can’t stop the chain of events as far as we can tell . . . it’s better not to get the flu.”


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