When humans get treated like vermin

Atomic bomb mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right)f_Japan 680x385G_Captioned

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. In fact, December 7 falls on the same day of the week this year – Sunday – as the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor did, in 1941. But many folks living today, might understandably wonder at the United States Victory over Japan, that hinged on a pair of equally infamous acts: The dropping of atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Acts that some have characterized as treating the Japanese people like rats. Human vermin. Deserving of extermination, in this way.

I would argue the biggest reason the American public – and its fighting forces – were able to ultimately adopt such an inhumane approach, and view of the Japs, was that the Japanese fighters had transformed themselves into a fighting force of psychologically focused, religiously enabled, sub-human ideological combatants. That is to say, they had all but transformed themselves into human vermin. With tactics more attributable to rats, than men. Coincidentally, it’s probably the single biggest reasons Allied forces were able to consistently prevail in contests against superior numbers, and their already entrenched positions.

Due to their belief in the warrior spirit’s ability to ultimately prevail, Japanese forces consistently – and mindlessly – threw themselves, en massé, at their enemy forces. Intending to simply overrun their positions – and kill our soldiers – by sheer numbers. But the ratio of dead soldiers, coming out of such skirmishes, ranged as high as ten dead Japanese, to every dead GI. And considering the tens of thousands of GI’s killed in island fighting, you can get some idea of the prevalent notion – held by many – of fighting waves of mindless rats, that gave no thought to surrender.

I point this out, because we’re engaged in a protracted battle, with forces of another kind of ideologically driven foe. Who have, likewise, taken mindless human carnage, and religious genocide, to new, subhuman, levels. Like some new kind of deadly vermin, themselves.  Impossible to defend against, given our more conventional forms of wisdom. Who seek no councel, or quarter. But, rather, continue to embark on inhumane ideological, territorial campaigns. Driven by religious fervor, in the name of their unhappy tome of religious tropes, and its equally anal author. All, of course, in the name of Allah (who is not good).

Which brings me to the real point of this article: We shouldn’t have to kill people – by means that necessitate treating them like human vermin – in order to change their minds. Because, think about it – that is the ultimate goal, is it not?  But which, more often than not, proves ultimately unattainable, in those human life forms still left drawing breath.

But I think a different option possibly suggests itself, before breaking out the rat poison.  Why not try something which, while it may not be deemed ethical, for use against non-combatants, might offer the very possibility – of changing minds – without need of evacuating their skulls, by gunfire.

One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion.
– Simone de Beauvoir


What I’d like to suggest, is a chemical solution – The Chemical Solution.  No – not some Saddam Hussein resort to poisoned gas. Rather, a form of extreme interdiction – using mind-altering drugs. Similar to ‘darting’ a wild animal. That may occasionally have unintended, lethal consequences – but is intended to merely sedate the animal, long enough to capture and transport.

I feel strongly that, given the mind-expanding experience of hallucinogenic drugs – like LSD – and asked to explain the basis for their beliefs, most would spontaneously realize, coming to see and reject, the fallacies their beliefs are based on. The fact that it tends to work the same for Christians, is probably the single biggest reason this idea would never see the light of day.

But maybe – if the capability had existed in World War II – instead of dropping atomic bombs, the Allied forces could’ve dropped LSD into the water supplies of those hundred of thousands of island defenders. And then addressed them with bullhorns. It might have beat the hell out of bullets and atomic rat poison.

Finally, I put the idea forward, as it also beats the hell out of standing around – with our thumbs in our bodies – trying to decide how to take on this new, unorthodox herd of bulls by the horn. Seriously. I’ve had it with watching these animals take a few more heads, every time I turn to the news.  ( Warning – Graphic http://www.syriantube.net/11835.html )


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7 thoughts on “When humans get treated like vermin

  1. Not a funny topic, but I had to laugh when I read “could’ve dropped LDS” (sic). That would’ve made a great Python sketch. LDS missionaries parachuting behind enemy lines and the enemy going mad.


  2. Can’t say I agree with the the premise that dosing Japan would have ended the war. I have done quite a bit of LSD and it did not alter my ideology at all. You make some excellent observations about Japanese culture in WW2, and the parallel between that culture and the religious right is insightful. With that said, cultural history, I think, is more compelling than a single experience with a mind altering substance within a culture that is unaccustomed with hallucinogenic drugs.

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    • Appreciate the input, Maxwell. The idea of ‘dosing Japan’ was fanciful at best. But had it been possible, I think the chemical bitch-slap might have indeed put a crack in the ideological fortitude of whole numbers of the troops.

      My experience has been that hallucinogenics often act as major bullshit detectors, in the minds of novice users. One of the first things many experience, is the dissolution of their sacred towers of belief. Once the “pillars” are seen to be illusory columns of vacuous, unsupported, opinion. And come to realize they’ve been manipulated – like stooges – by their political and religious demagogues.


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