We need a new Social Contract

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 In speaking to the religious beliefs, held by many, that meaning is to be found, mainly, in the joyful happiness of “remaining close to the Spirit of God,” I’m reminded of the woefully inaccurate conclusions of Hobbs. Who attached great social and economic weight to the peace and security that could be purchased, at the expense of submitting to an absolute ruler.


That, if “the meaning of life” is to be had by a continual immersion in that HUMAN phenomena known as “The Holy Ghost,” – or “The Spirit of God,” – for the sole purpose of comforting man from the cold hard realities of this existence, then I liken it to a not entirely decent display of spiritual self-abuse. At least, a disabuse from reality. Achieved by many, through prayer and song. Working oneself into a “spiritual frenzy” with the aid of charismatic preachers, stained glass, dark curtains, choirs, and assorted religious relics – hung about an imposing alter or artifact.

“The meaning of life” is not some absolute – or even the same for everyone. It’s what YOU come to decide it is. And YOU generate the sense of worth and ownership you feel, towards those social and personal values you’ve forged, on the anvil of whatever occupies your time, your interest, and your mind.

Whether delusional, in the strict sense of empirical reality, or a more rational philosophy. One that embraces the wonderful gift of life – while also recognizing the all too tenuous and brief span, of an individual human life.


Life – while we have it. And who’s most abiding source of comfort, is the recognition that – while, individually, we are “just another step along the way” – the life of the human race goes on. And that it’s survival of the species we should all be concerning ourselves with. More than our dead ancestors. And more than throwing money and resources at any delusional play-acting, about some spiritual afterlife. Whether it be with 70 virgins, somewhere, or a half-dozen sister-wives, on the planet Kolob.

Think about it. What’s the difference between believing you – and by extension, everyone else – are God’s own chosen, and simply facing the reality that, as it turns out, we are the ones charged with helping ourselves – and our fellow man. That there IS no God coming to our rescue – to save us from ourselves.

And rather than continue on, as a society, engaged in the incessant dog-eat-dog pursuit of the economic and resource predation of our less fortunate fellow citizens, we should actually be EARNESTLY ENGAGED, in the business of seeing that everyone has the opportunity – and the right – to thrive. By caring and helping each other to find the way – to help themselves – in this life.


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