2 thoughts on “A possible conundrum arises, between religion and evolution

  1. Thanks for the chuckle. I have a great deal of sympathy for the way we have treated our cousins.

    One year there was a chimp act in the show I toured with, and the expressions on their faces when they looked at the rest of us backstage freaked me out…too human. WAYYYY too human. They looked confused, sort of as if they wanted someone to explain why they had strange, uncomfortable *things* on their feet (skates), and collars with leashes around their necks. I hated the man who was their “trainer.”

    And that was years before anyone tried teaching any of the Great Apes sign language, or before DNA comparisons could be done.


  2. Yeah, the way i see it, projecting anthropomorphic potentialities and prerogatives on a sock puppet god character is about as genuine as a chimp in a tutu. Sock puppets are not conseptual or perceptual beings, not even an amoeba. Doing such things (postulating god) requires a kind of mental slight of hand best described by the character O’Brien inner party member (how many fingers do you see now Winston?) in the movie 1984.


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