It’s always now

2013-11-10 2


Sam Harris notes on his blog, that he’s observed a number of instances, on You Tube, where folks have set the audio portions, from some of his appearances, to slide-show, animation, or video creations of their own.  And to sometimes much greater effect, in his opinion, than watching himself standing at a podium.

Wishing to encourage this behavior, he’s authorized the free download and use of a special 6 minute voice-over track – specially adapted from his debates on Morality and the Christian God – for aspiring film makers or animators, who might be interested in providing their own unique video interpretation, for this particular narration.

And it comes with the codicil,  that this particular audio file is “yours to use any way you see fit.”  And that if you manage to produce something especially imaginative, he will do his best to bring attention to your work.

He offers the following, as a particularly wonderful example of what he is talking about.  (From a talk titled “It’s Always Now.”)


It must be said, though, that this beautiful audio file, on Morality and the Christian God, is worth listening to all by itself – even if you have no intention of taking it any further.  (Other than possibly sharing it – and Sam’s offer – with someone else, after hearing it for yourself.)

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