The Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon,, when read as the absolute Word of God

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God is an abstract concept, who’s very existence as a concept is as enigmatic, as it is problematic.

But there are only a handful of books in the world that purport to be the “revealed word of god.” And as such, it is easy to see how they can exert undue influence, in imposing themselves on the mainsprings of the mind.

The fact is, if you’re looking for gems of truth or concrete meaning in the Bible, it can be a lot like panning for gold in the Klondike. You pretty much have to separate out and discard vast tons of the dross, drivel, and despicable sexism, before you can even get down to washing away much of the muddy madness from the countless generations of your more delusional Divas-and-Davids that populate these pages.

So why do so many people actually espouse ‘a belief in the Bible,’ as being the actual word of God, and wish to see particular words and passages from this little black book of horrors, enshrined?  After all, once accepted in head and heart as the actual word of God, attempting to elicit deeper meaning on their own, usually proves so enigmatic as to leave most people trembling and at a loss to make any clear sense out of this train-wreck of compiled works from antiquity.

However, as such, it becomes open season for every denomination and sect to derive from it whatever meaning they choose to read into it.

Of course, much of the success of this is due to the pawning presumption that most people won’t actually try to make sense out of it for themselves.

Indeed, at the bottom of every creed is a dictum that says ‘you’re not smart enough to understand the truth.’  Or, ‘it’s not nice to question the word of god,’ or some such appeal to the denial of one’s own reason.  And besides, those that do try, are rarely able to get past the presumption that they are attempting to elicit meaning from the actual – though horribly mangled and enigmatic – words of some purported God.

This, of course, proves to be Mighty Handy, if not patently self-serving, for the ruling oligarchy. And you’ll find that, as such, it is the real Rock that any sect’s authority is actually hiding under.

But it’s easy to see that creeds everywhere have used this particular table rock of obfuscation as an irresistible template, to cover-over with their own cut and color of cloth, in order to set themselves up in the business of selling tickets to “God.”

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One thought on “The Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon,, when read as the absolute Word of God

  1. The holy book authority issue will always be difficult. There are those who approach the bible in reasonable ways that you may appreciate. Finding common ground between all the polarized groups is very difficult. I’ve decided in agreement with atheists that nature or creation is the one place that we can start our discussion because it is common to all mankind and for theists it was kind of a revelation before any holy books were written.

    BTW I am in SLC and ex LDS


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