Mormons cling to their Masonic Lodge rituals, in avoiding the light of truth

Lincoln Memorial, captioned(from Oct 14, 2010)

With the LDS Church’s focus on one’s alleged ability to change, it must surely be noted that members, from the ‘prophet’ on down, must choose to maintain their own preference for blind ignorance over rational thought.

After all, no one is ‘born Mormon.’ No, seriously – the only reason those offspring of Mormons stand a good chance of growing up Mormon, is that they are raised that way. So, other than the brainwashing effects of having been raised Mormon, what is it that keeps so many enslaved to such superstitious ignorance?

OK, turns out it is the brainwashing. So let’s take a look that.

Though the brainwashing is not accomplished without significant invocation of ritual and cautioning intonations, how can a few head rubs, with a couple of secret handshakes thrown in, capture a members loyalty for a lifetime. Especially when it can be demonstrated that the rituals were all initially ‘lifted’ from those of the Masonic Order?

I mean, let’s face it, these people continue to demonstrate a willingness to go out of their way, when it comes to zealously defending the ruse they hide behind, in order to safeguard their own religiously-induced ignorance of reality – even if it means stepping on toes, or crapping in someone else’s bowl of Wheaties.

And it can certainly be demonstrated that people sometimes go to amazing lengths, just to avoid thinking for themselves – especially when we consider the investment in personal time and money – often tens of thousands of dollars worth of money. And for what? So they can be allowed to be told what to think!?

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance,
when the need for illusion is deep.”  – Saul Bellow


In this instance at least, Karl Marx was only slightly wrong. Religion is not just the opiate of the masses It is, rather, the den of iniquity from which the opiate dispensers pedal their pills to the masses.  Isn’t that the definition of a cult?

Oh how I wish we could just snap our fingers, and say “Dorothy . . . Dorothy . . . Wake up!!”

'10 MAth footer, Bk


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