One thought on “On this day, a child is born …

  1. And if any theist claims that Newton (or any other scientist) believed in a god, ask them how they know. Newton, like most scientists lived in an era (covering a millenium) when to deny god or blaspheme meant torture or even execution.

    Just look up people executed for blasphemy in Newton’s era – Bartholomew Legate, Edward Wightman, Franco De Franco, Malin Matsdotter, Maria Carillo, Eric Walten, Thomas Aikenhead etc etc etc.

    Thanks to Christian intolerance, we will never know the beliefs of many famous people. Christians have made it impossible for people to speak openly and honestly about their beliefs, or lack of.

    You dont get to execute people for not accepting your god, then claim that everyone accepts your god – a fine example of a logical falllacy “ad baculum” indeed !

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