Deconstructing the hard edge of religion

  Apparently (having never done it myself) folks who go ‘crabbing’ on various Atlantic beaches, in the moonlight, never have to worry about using lids, to keep track of the crabs being tossed into their buckets. And it’s because crabs in a bucket evince a peculiar dog in the manger attitude towards any of their…

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Claiming your own reality

I’ve been mentally away, for what seems like way too long, by health considerations. And temporarily knocked into a gutter of personal angst – by my glaring inability to single-handedly challenge and change, the many social ills of our day. And juxtaposed against an awareness that I probably need to type a little faster, if…

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We need a new Social Contract

 In speaking to the religious beliefs, held by many, that meaning is to be found, mainly, in the joyful happiness of “remaining close to the Spirit of God,” I’m reminded of the woefully inaccurate conclusions of Hobbs. Who attached great social and economic weight to the peace and security that could be purchased, at the…

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Leaves sometimes get left unraked

Just a reminder, that life comes with that Full Guarantee.  If you break in half – you usually get to keep both halves.  Then most of us suck it up, and carry on – counting our blessings. I raise a toast, this Halloween – to everyone less fortunate than I. – Donnie      

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A Concise History of Evolution and Religion

By Scott Kaelen Scott Kaelen – Flogging a World of Dead Horses Note: This is an extraordinary opportunity for us, here at Modern Atheist .org, to make available to our readers this remarkably detailed timeline – of some 80 seminal benchmarks to the initial rise of life, and its subsequent evolution – over the 4…

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Defending Darwinian Evolution

- or – Why you never heard one damn thing about evolution in school   I don’t know if it’s just because it’s a favorite subject of mine (it is), or that I’m just easily seduced into sticking up for it (I know …), but the muse need hardly apply, when tangling with an otherwise…