No God-meme placards, brought over from our SLDI fb page.

Some of our efforts, previously published in The Salt Lake Daily, and brought over for your viewing pleasure.  Please share them yourself – every chance you get.


Please scroll down, for an explanation of this meme, at the bottom.

Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Drawing 3

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Drawing 21

Drawing 22

Drawing 23


It would appear that the reappearance of this meme has inadvertently left a number of people confused – especially in the atheist community.  In order to alleviate any misconceptions, or those concerns about the nature of the message being sent, I offer the following addendum:

This meme is not about atheists – it is aimed at religious believers.  Those who continue to insist on the validity of faith, as a determining factor, and underlying reason, providing support for their beliefs.   Largely, by providing them with this alter-image of others, availing themselves of this somewhat counter-intuitive use of their term, faith, in equal support for their Non-belief in the supernatural.

The meme works because, having selected the grounds for what they consider valid discourse – or, what I chose to characterize as their weapons of choice – they cannot, in good faith, fail to extend the use of their favored articles of reasoning, to anyone else.

Non-believers, who’ve no-doubt arrived at their non-theistic convictions through radically different means, can never-the-less look the believer in the eye, and honestly say they have ‘faith’ in the correctness of their own convictions. Or ‘faith’ in their own ability, to apply reasoning, in arriving at the determination that a supernatural being simply does not exist.

But mainly, by exploiting this memes ability to touch the believer’s mind.  By flying under the radar, to meet them on their own grounds, as it were.  And presenting them with an unabashed view of what, for many, has always been ‘the lie that’s too big to be true’:  That there really are a great many folks out there – from all walks of life – who are just as comfortable, in their non-belief, as anyone anchored in religious belief.

Keep smiling,

'13 MAth footer, Bk


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6 thoughts on “No God-meme placards, brought over from our SLDI fb page.

    • Sam, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. As to your query about the point of it all, apparently you were not the only one I left confused.

      I plead guilty, to expecting others to magically know my thinking on the subject. In an effort to answer those questions in your mind – and hopefully, for anyone else – I have attached an explanatory addendum at the bottom of this series of photographic memes. Give it a look, and let me know what you think.



  1. I love the idea, and have lifted a couple of posters, and the thought about faith in my own intelligence. However, I don’t think it will work the vast majority of the time, for the same reason that it doesn’t work when you try to explain quantum physics to the cat. “They” have faith that Your faith is wrong. 😦


    • Glad to hear you can put a few to good use.
      It’s only meant to have a subtle effect – at an almost subconscious level – tending more to nullify the validity of their own rationale. (The lard works in mysterious ways.) (y)


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